We work with clients from all over the world to build successful digital experiences, brands, and marketing campaigns.
We help companies of all sizes articulate their unique message, boost sales, and make stronger connections through precise and persuasive communication.

Communicating your unique value.

If your product is complex, we'll make it seem simple. How? By getting to the core of what makes your thing magical, then figuring out the best ways to say so, from words to images.

To tell your story persuasively, we go deep and get to really know you. We distill the essence of your value proposition and get to what’s really important to say. Then the Monkeys determine the best ways to communicate it, whether it be a website redesign, corporate rebranding, explainer video, email or social media campaign (likely a combination of these).

This is how we'll get the message across:

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The Monkeys team developed cohesive new messaging and refined our existing brand, and the end result is fantastic.
Sheldon Foisy

Big ideas, without the big overhead.

We are a team of freelancers that together provide a range of digital marketing expertise. We've worked remotely since 2015, so we're used to using technology to collaborate.
As a “virtual agency” with low overhead (no rent, utilities, insurance, etc.) we bring top quality, multi-disciplined results without the agency price tag.
The team is led by Eric Embacher, with over 25 years experience in marketing, communications, product and brand management. He is the co-founder and former president of Symbility Solutions (a TSX-listed multinational company). In 2015 he left the corporate world to start AINOM.

A Full Marketing Team or CMO, Without the Cost of Hiring One

Chances are, marketing isn't a core competency for your company. It's expensive, and often seen as an expense, rather than a profit centre.

Marketing is OUR core competency. We can work as an extension of your company, from strategy to expense planning, to development and execution of the campaigns in your marketing roadmap.

For some clients, we collaborate with their in-house marketing team. For others, we are the marketing arm of their company — a virtual CMO and marketing team.

You can have access to a full range of marketing skills on-demand and as needed, for a couple days per month or several days per week. No salaries, benefits, office space, or commitment.