How to have us make changes to your website

April 14, 2021

We use a tool called, which allows Website-as-a-Service (WaaS) customers to add comments for making requests next to any element you can see on-screen, like little digital sticky notes. Examples of comments you can add include:

  • Please reword this to be "Our company is a leader in gummy bear technology."
  • Can you move this to be under the Team Member section?
  • Would this look better in blue?

To add comments/requests, or "markup your website", click the button below to open your website in the viewer. You'll see your website, exactly as it is currently and you can navigate it as you normally would. Click or beside any element that you want to add a comment about and just start typing. You can attach files, use bold for emphasis or link to other URLs.

We just ask that you make it abundantly clear what it is you're requesting, to minimize the back-and-forth. Click "Post" and a notification will be sent to us. Once we make the change, we will mark the request as resolved, and you'll be notified of that. We may also ask a question in return or add a comment about the change we made.

Tip: Once you visit the Markup page for your website, bookmark it to save you from having to return to this article next time.

You must be logged in and be a WaaS customer to markup your website.