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Outsourced Digital Marketing


Your website should be your strongest business asset.

It’s the foundation of all your digital marketing activity. It’s the digital face of your company, and is the most efficient interface used for customers to interact with your company.

A website can either enhance your credibility or reduce one’s confidence in your ability in seconds.

Your website must communicate your value effectively and efficiently, and it must achieve your goals, be they sales or leads. And to do this it needs a lot of visits from those who need your solution, which means it must be found.

Why Us?

The benefit of working with us is that we are not just website developers. Instead, we’re multidisciplinary digital marketing consultants.

Before we get started on your website we establish the objective of the site and plan and refine the messaging we’ll use to tell your story. We go deep and get to really know you and your competitors, and why you’re unique. We distill the essence of your value proposition and get to what’s really important to say (and what is not and should be left for your sales team).

We’ll then devise the most impactful way of communicating the message to accomplish your objective (which is usually to generate leads). This can be anything from a custom infographic, an interactive ROI calculator, an explainer video or a simple or complex animation. 

How We Do it

Websites are the foundation of your digital marketing efforts, but they are only a component. Given our breadth of marketing skills and depth of experience, we think holistically, keeping in mind other programs (social media campaigns, branding, sales programs, etc.) that complement the website.

If you already have your story clearly defined and are looking for only a modern makeover, we can help with that. But many of our website projects are built on this process:

We dive deep into your company and really get to know you, your industry and competitors. We use the information from the discovery phase of the process to identify clear business objectives and develop measurable goals to gauge its success.
2. ESTABLISH target audience​
Once we've clearly defined the target audience we begin to think about user behaviour patterns and what types of user interface features would best curve that behaviour to convert on the site's goals. An effective content strategy includes a unique story about a customer's journey and how your solution can help.
3. Develop and refine messaging
Now we know who you are, what you want to accomplish, and who you're targeting. Now we let our years of experience boil down your story into its simplest components, until only the pure essence of your value to your customers is clear and can be easily communicated.
Now that we know what we need to communicate, we begin the design of not just how it will look, but also (and more importantly) how it will work. We'll start with a sitemap that shows the overall structure of all content. We'll also develop a design for the home page and key inside pages. You'll get a chance to review, comment and approve fully working versions of each design. We'll tweak and redesign if needed until you're delighted.
We develop all our websites using WordPress for Maximum SEO and extensibility. Before deployment, we test that what is built matches the design and that everything works on every device. Unlike most other web developers, though we leverage our UI/UX experience to ensure maximum usability, and will redesign things that don't pass this test.

What we won't do:

We will not create a generic-looking site based on a pre-made theme.

All our websites are hand-crafted and designed specifically to complement your brand. 

Even if we use stock images, we take the time to find unique and uncommon images that fit your brand.


Ah, the million-dollar question. Of course the short answer is “it depends”.

Because we’re generally “the marketing department” for our clients, we are asked to take care of everything website-related. From the initial website project, to yearly plugin license renewals, hosting fees, and site design changes, we’re used to creating a lot of invoices. 

As a small business like our clients, we like a certain amount of predictability in our expenses. Most of the software we use is not purchased, but paid for monthly (SaaS).

Website-as-a-service (waaS)

To this end, we’ve developed a WaaS (“website-as-a-service”) all-inclusive plan  that is particularly beneficial to small- to medium-sized businesses that want a solid website foundation for their marketing efforts that is always current, secure, optimized for SEO and 100% taken care of for a small monthly fee.

A website built the “traditional way” is the same as one built “as a service”. The difference is in how payments are handled and who pays to manage, maintain and update the website moving forward.


Any experienced website designer/developer knows that accurately estimating the cost of a website project is near impossible. Every website is different (because every client is different). By estimating too high we risk losing a project on cost. Even when customer is still compelled to work with us, it just reduces the money available for other marketing projects.


We prefer to work with B2B small and medium-sized businesses. We only develop premium, hand-crafted websites. A unique aspect to our services is that we have over 25 years of experience finding the best (meaning: simplest, most efficient, most impactful) way of communicating a company’s value to their customer.

We leverage this experience, which is what makes our websites “premium”. For example, building a clever interactive animation or finding the right image to tell the story (often compositing one in Photoshop), rather than just a paragraph of words. Both elevate the visitor experience and contribute to better lead generation. This doesn’t always come through in a proposal when someone compares us to another website developer.


One truism rises above all others: growth-oriented companies don’t care about the details of building or operating a website—they just want it to work effectively, all the time. Decisions about the relative value of certain optimizations or preventative measures, the best way for customers to request a quote, or whether to use a custom landing page or an existing page for an email campaign are a waste of your time.

You just want the most effective website to complement your other sales and marketing activities without having to be concerned with any details.


We like startups and work with a lot of them (our president has had several in his career). We think like a startup and know the importance of cashflow.

Between paying a large sum upfront or paying over time as our sales are growing so that we can better utilize the money for other sales or marketing efforts, the choice is clear to us.

We also understand the value of predictability—knowing exactly what our costs will be at any time in the future.


A website is not a static entity—in our experience it continually evolves as your company grows, and there should be no barriers to this. Redesigning the layout of a page, adjusting how a form works, adding a new page, improving the usability of navigation…these are things that should be done if and when it makes sense, not skipped because it will mean yet another invoice.

Website costs are never really “one-time”. There are always recurring costs, regardless of the size or type of website. Here are some common recurring costs and add-ons:

  • Domain name registration & renewal
  • SSL installation and renewal
  • Hosting
  • Backups
  • Subdomains
  • Maintenance (security updates, troubleshooting & repair, patches, bug fixes)
  • Website feature plugins
  • Content and design updates
  • Images (custom or stock)
  • Event calendars
  • Integration with external systems (CRMs, MailChimp, etc.)
  • On-page SEO optimization (including titles, links, metas, XML sitemaps)
  • Analytics integration and reporting
  • Technical support

Each of these has a cost over and above the design and development of a website. 

We’re experienced, capable and dependable. We’re a better value than the large agencies with all the overhead.