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About Us

We help ambitious innovators grow their business with digital marketing.

Your brand is your identity, your values, your voice. We can improve your brand awareness, connecting you and your products to your audience.

We work with our clients to help them define and build a brand foundation necessary to be unique in the only place that counts: the mind of the customer.

We’re experts in elevating brands of innovative companies primed for rapid growth.

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We're a Virtual Marketing Agency

Big ideas, without the overhead.

We are a team of freelancers that together provide a range of digital marketing expertise. We’ve worked remotely since 2015, so we’re used to using technology to collaborate.

Do you require help for specific projects like a video or website? Or a full team to outsource your company’s marketing to on a full-time, part-time, temporary or semi-permanent basis? We can help.

As a “virtual agency” with low overhead (no rent, utilities, insurance, etc.) we bring top quality, multi-disciplined results without the agency price tag.

Creative Storytellers

Communicating your unique value.

Can you explain what you do and why your customer should care in 20 seconds? Are you having trouble simplifying your message and explaining why you’re different?

Sometimes you know what your business is and understand your value proposition, but don’t know how to message it. Maybe you know exactly what your message is, but don’t know the best way to explain it.

We help companies articulate their unique message and increase revenue through precise and persuasive communication.

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An Infinite Number of Monkeys have consistently delivered outstanding results, great ideas and successful strategic campaigns that have been key to our company’s success. I’ve worked with many marketing professionals over the years, and Eric is at the top of the list. He listens. And he get things done.

Greg Lambert, CEO


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Big ideas, without the big overhead.

The team is led by Eric Embacher, with over 25 years experience in marketing, communications, product and brand management. A high-tech industry veteran, he is the co-founder and former president of Symbility Solutions (a TSX-listed multinational company). In 2015 he left the corporate world to start AINOM.

Where does the name come from?

The Infinite Monkey Theorum is a clever philosophical illustration of infinite possibilities and eventuality.

The name was chosen mainly to stand out and be memorable, and it was highly influenced by a Bob Newhart sketch from an comedy album I used to listen to as a kid.