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I had the pleasure of working with Eric from Infinite Monkeys to revamp my existing website, and the results are nothing short of phenomenal. From start to finish, the experience was seamless, and the outcome exceeded all my expectations. Eric’s keen eye for design and his technical expertise breathed new life into my website. The modernization he implemented not only made it look sleek and contemporary but also significantly improved its functionality. The site now runs smoothly and effortlessly, providing a user-friendly experience for visitors. My experience was nothing short of fantastic, and I am grateful to have found a reliable partner for all my future website endeavors.

Tim West


Working with the Monkeys has been a brilliant experience! Manual website tasks which used to take hours have been automated by at least 90% leaving me more time to grow my directory platform. Throughout the project Eric was attentive, thorough with his investigations and the development solutions he implemented were first class. It’s great to know someone you can trust for future support too!

A fire icon on a black background, symbolizing the Kiln Share.

Mike McManus

Founder and Owner

Stevens has counted on An Infinite Number of Monkeys to handle all our marketing for the past 5 years. Starting with a complete rebrand of the company, Eric continued to elevate our brand with every campaign, product packaging, tradeshow display, video, whitepaper, datasheet, presentation and website that they developed. We have greatly enjoyed their integrity, creativity and professionalism.

Scott South

President and CEO

Eric’s work is amazing! I partnered with An Infinite Number of Monkeys last year to design branding for my 2 companies. This year I took the leap and reconnected with him to create my website. The site is beautiful and functional, and having small monthly payments rather than a huge upfront expense is awesome! It allows me to grow faster by freeing up cash to invest in other marketing (which they’ll be doing!). Love it!

Dr. Dodie Arnold

Founder & CEO

Eric is great to work with. Very clear and his insights on best practices and design are very valuable. He’s quick to respond and would definitely recommend working with him and his team. They are now working on another site were launching soon!

Joel Raitt


The Monkeys have been wonderful to work with for the past 4 years. The website is fast and stable (and beautiful), and the custom form integration has really helped streamline my client intake. I’ve always received fantastic service—responsive and professional. I’m always happy to recommend Infinite Monkeys to any small business that needs to count on their website for business.

Laura Atkinson


As we entered a rapid growth phase of our company, we required our website to be scaled up considerably, both in terms of professional look-and-feel and how it conveyed our unique value proposition. Hanging on to capital was important, and the Infinite Monkeys website-as-a-service offering was incredibly beneficial, as it allowed us to completely redo our website and expand it without a huge upfront cost. The Monkeys team developed cohesive new messaging and refined our existing brand, and the end result is fantastic.

Sheldon Foisy

Director of Sales

Their quality of work is second to none, and I’m so impressed with how quickly and efficiently they get things done. I simply love not having to worry about ANYTHING anymore and being able to hang on to capital is a huge win in terms of cashflow.

Victoria Marshman


Leads have been pouring in to the point the business is growing TOO fast at this point! Not a bad problem to have, hehe. We’ve had the #1 or #2 spot for some really choice keywords for over a year now, and the site is bringing in bookings with minimal manual effort. I would highly, highly recommend the team at Infinite Monkeys.

Glenn Eubach

Director of Sales

I approached An Infinite Number of Monkeys after they were recommended to me for a company rebranding I needed. I am delighted with the brand they developed, which I feel communicates professionalism, approachability and innovation. Given this successful project I asked them to redesign our website. Eric and his team really immersed themselves in our business and got to know our story. The resulting website perfectly captures and communicates our value, and does so in a way that impresses clients.

Adam Gilpatrick


We’ve been privileged to partner with An Infinite Number of Monkeys for our marketing and website creation and management needs, and the experience has been nothing short of exceptional. The team has consistently demonstrated unparalleled creativity, technical expertise, and a commitment to excellence.

The Monkeys have seamlessly translated our vision into a visually stunning and highly functional website, surpassing our expectations. Eric’s leadership is marked by a rare combination of strategic insight and hands-on involvement, ensuring that every aspect of our project reflects authenticity and innovation.

The personalized attention, responsiveness, and dedication exhibited by Eric and his team have been instrumental in enhancing our online presence and overall brand identity as we prepare to launch our flagship product, The Longevity App, to the world. We wholeheartedly endorse An Infinite Number of Monkeys for their professionalism, proficiency, and a genuine passion for delivering outstanding results.

PK Mills

Founder & President

Eric and his team at Infinite Monkeys were fantastic from the initial brainstorming session all the way to delivery for our unique and unusual position. We worked on a lot of iterations until we collectively agreed on the correct design and brand image that was the perfect fit. Not only was his team’s help invaluable, but his personal touch and attention to detail was a huge differentiator over other companies I had worked with. He and his team are a very talented and responsive group of individuals.

Carlos de Aranda

Partner, Strategy & Operations

When I started my new firm in 2015 I wanted a website that was visually appealing, as well as easy to maintain and navigate. An Infinite Number of Monkeys provided both and I’ve been delighted with the results and the ongoing service ever since.

Erin Shaw


I’ve worked with Infinite Monkeys for years. The team is excellent at taking a concept from head and heart and turning it into the brand of your dreams. I love my logo and branding package and so do the people I’ve referred.

Susan Fessenden

Founder and President

An Infinite Number of Monkeys have consistently delivered outstanding results, great ideas and successful strategic campaigns that have been key to our company’s success. I’ve worked with many marketing professionals over the years, and Eric is at the top of the list. He listens. And he get things done.

Greg Lambert


We’re very pleased with how things turned out for our tourism website. Our ideas and were well received and ultimately turned into a smooth functioning and user-friendly site. My questions were always answered and the expertise provided was very appreciated during the development process. We look forward to continuing our work with An Infinite Number of Monkeys on future projects!

Mahlon Head


I am thoroughly pleased with my logos and the design process. There was clear communication about timelines and the team was very open and responsive to make changes and tweaking the logos until I was 100% satisfied. I highly recommend this team!

Dr. Dodie Arnold

Executive Director

I would absolutely 100% recommend Infinite Monkeys to any business that needs to boost their marketing presence, customer engagement or brand recognition! Their ability to translate complex concepts and clearly illustrate the value proposition had a profound impact on the sales team’s ability to close deals. His marketing strategies enabled growth and helped present the business and products at a much higher level than previously possible.

The fts logo on a black background.

Tyler Smith

Director of Technical Sales

Our brief was to redesign and refresh our existing brand. The format they followed to understand our needs made it very easy to communicate them clearly and effectively, saving time on both sides. Our feedback was well considered at each step and the final result was a great looking logo! Eric was responsive, friendly and very professional throughout the process. We are also very satisfied with the work that Infinite Number of Monkeys has done for our new website. Throughout the design process and ongoing, Eric takes the time to understand our requirements clearly. We are always presented with a solution or better alternate suggestion. Infinite Monkeys is a pleasure to collaborate with!

Vik Vasani


Our last website was in desperate need for a refresh, so we hired the Monkeys to give it an overhaul in 2015. The resulting design was so impressive and cutting-edge that we haven’t felt the need to redesign it since (aside from adding a Chinese language version and maintenance over the years to keep it fast and stable). Eric and his team really got to understand our existing brand and found the best way to communicate it through images, layout and presentation. As a result, it has helped solidify our position as one of the leading legal firms on Vancouver Island. Infinite Monkeys provides exceptional service and quality work and I’m happy to recommend them.

Eric Pedersen


The website you designed is amazing, and coupled with the video it perfectly gets across the value of Forefront’s unique products. It makes us look much larger and more established than we are currently, and I‘m sure it will help us get where we want to go. The logo is also fantastic. Thanks!

Scott Mosher

Founder and President

From the outset, you demonstrated an unparalleled ability to transform our vision into a digital masterpiece. Your keen eye for design, coupled with a remarkable talent for graphics, allowed you to seamlessly integrate our ideas – even those initially sketched on a simple piece of paper – into a website that not only aligns with our brand but also resonates with our target audience.

We believe that what sets Infinite Monkeys apart is not just its technical prowess but also its commitment to understanding each client’s unique industry needs. The team navigated the challenges of our specialized industry sectors with ease, creating an impactful and visually stunning website that truly wows potential clients. The incorporation of the coolest imagery for our industries has undoubtedly elevated our online presence, leaving a lasting impression on visitors.

Your approach goes beyond aesthetics; you ensured that the website is not just visually appealing but also organized, concise, and highly functional with lightning-fast speeds. The end result is a website that not only showcases our capabilities but also provides an intuitive and engaging experience for our audience while remaining ‘on-brand.’

In addition to the exceptional brand and website design services provided, we value the partnership we have established with Infinite Monkeys as our Website-as-a-Service provider – it has truly been a blessing for us to have you to continue to support and enhance our website as our business evolves.

Craig Gramlich


Eric and his team are outstanding. The branding they designed is the right amount of professional, unique and interesting, and perfectly captures the essence of my corporate identity. The Monkeys were a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. Expectations exceeded for sure!

Clive Good

Founder and CEO

An Infinite Number of Monkeys has been extremely helpful with helping us to rebuild our website and modernise our digital identity. Eric has always been on hand to answer any queries that we have, and provide solutions for any roadblocks encountered. The website that Infinite Monkeys designed is beautiful and perfectly showcases our brand—we’re absolutely delighted with the final product.

Roxanne Mukhi Bevan

Assistant Manager & Lead Designer

I wanted to thank Infinite Monkeys for their exceptional service on my branding project. They were professional, speedy, creative and so easy to work with. Great designs and they continued to offer as many modifications as I needed until we had it just perfect. Thanks a million, would recommend a thousand times.

Dr. Kristine Medyanik


I’m very happy with the end result we’ve created. Feedback from family, friends, and colleagues has been overwhelmingly positive!

The letter n on a blue and yellow square in BC, Canada.

Jeremy Andersen


The Monkeys have incredible and unending talent. They get the job done and exceed every expectation, every time. We are absolutely thrilled with the results after working with the team for the last year, and at this point we trust them with anything. The branding work was honestly second-to-none and from my experience at larger companies, it’s worth thousands more than what they charged us.

Glenn Dalbert

Managing Director

Infinite Monkeys perfectly captured the essence of Sprouttech in the design of our brand. We have been complimented multiple times. I highly recommend their work!

Diana Quezada

Founder & President

An Infinite Number of Monkeys have been a resource for several years that I have learned to depend on, trust and respect for their professionalism. They developed messaging, devised, managed and executed marketing strategies, and handled all aspects of our marketing efforts, essentially becoming an off-site member of our management team. In the 4 years since we hired them, our revenues have grown consistently year over year, with our latest advances exceeding 40% over the previous year.

Carmen Magro

VP Business Development