Client Profile

Lonewolf Consulting

Construction / Transportation / Oil & Gas

A rebrand and website redesign with custom e-learning.

Lonewolf Consulting provides consulting to equipment-based companies. They are experts in minimizing overspending in this high-capital and operational expense industry. We were asked to improve a brand recently designed by another company and then to redesign the Lonewolf website. We built a custom portal for Lonewolf to sell online training which includes a custom event calendar, checkout system and student dashboard.

What we did:

From the outset, you demonstrated an unparalleled ability to transform our vision into a digital masterpiece. Your keen eye for design, coupled with a remarkable talent for graphics, allowed you to seamlessly integrate our ideas – even those initially sketched on a simple piece of paper – into a website that not only aligns with our brand but also resonates with our target audience.

We believe that what sets Infinite Monkeys apart is not just its technical prowess but also its commitment to understanding each client’s unique industry needs. The team navigated the challenges of our specialized industry sectors with ease, creating an impactful and visually stunning website that truly wows potential clients. The incorporation of the coolest imagery for our industries has undoubtedly elevated our online presence, leaving a lasting impression on visitors.

Your approach goes beyond aesthetics; you ensured that the website is not just visually appealing but also organized, concise, and highly functional with lightning-fast speeds. The end result is a website that not only showcases our capabilities but also provides an intuitive and engaging experience for our audience while remaining ‘on-brand.’

In addition to the exceptional brand and website design services provided, we value the partnership we have established with Infinite Monkeys as our Website-as-a-Service provider – it has truly been a blessing for us to have you to continue to support and enhance our website as our business evolves.

Craig Gramlich, CEO

Lonewolf Consulting

Print Ads

Magazine ad for campaign promoting online training course.

A flyer for equipment masters offered by Lonewolf Consulting. This flyer incorporates key techniques to enhance SEO for your business.