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Websites & eCommerce

A person holding up a phone with a website displaying the name of the company based in BC, Canada.

Anyone can create a website. What we create are rich, digital brand experiences that connect with customers.

A website is often a brand’s first and most meaningful point of interaction with its audience. We create websites and eCommerce solutions that create a powerful first impression, engage visitors and persuade them to take action.

We design modern websites that are equal parts strategic vision, data-driven insight, advanced technology and pure creativity.

We’re not just designers or builders—we’re experienced marketers that will develop the most effective way to communicate the full value of your product or service.

From Our Portfolio

A website design for a construction company, focusing on SEO optimization.
A person holding up a phone encouraging you to take charge of your wellness for long-term path to longevity.
A woman is standing in front of a jewelry store in BC, Canada.
The website page for the electric scooter in BC, Canada.
A website with a sunset in the Okanagan region.
A man in a suit is holding a sword on a website.
Custom Karat jewellery website design in Canada for effective marketing.
A marketing website featuring a collection of wooden spoons with pills on it, available in Canada.
A website design showcasing two women standing next to each other as part of a marketing campaign in BC, Canada.
Shattered Glass Website - Showcasing Leadership
A website design for a non-profit organization in British Columbia, Canada.
A website design for a family services website in Canada.
Veleta podersen - BC law firm specializing in marketing and serving clients across Canada.
The homepage of zeroheadsets, optimized for SEO.
A fishlodges website featuring a man holding up a fish.
An interconnected website showcasing marketing strategies in British Columbia, Canada.
A black background with a chimpanzee.


An Innovative Way to Design, Build, Manage and Maintain Your Website.

Most of us pay monthly for our smartphone and cellular/data service. Buying the phone outright is a huge upfront expense.

Our “Website-as-a-Service” (WaaS) plan is like that.

In the same way, it provides you a premium website (not a cookie-cutter, template-based design) for a low monthly cost, with nothing upfront.

In addition, it’s all-inclusive. Everything is taken care of.

Predictable Costs

Instead of paying upfront when the website is built (typically $2,500 to $8,000), WaaS has no up-front costs, just a low monthly fee based on the number of pages currently in the site.


From hosting, backups, maintenance, support, to website edits, everything2 is included. It’s like having your own “web guy” to outsource everything website-related to while you focus on your business.

Scales With Your Business

Avoid a large spend upfront (when you need to hang on to your capital most). The cost scales as your business—and the size of your website—grows.

Always Up-to-Date

As your business grows and new sales programs are developed, the website keeps pace. You can make the changes you want, or you can ask us to make them. Anything that needs to be changed is included in the monthly fee.

Designed to Convert

We’re motivated to make your website convert visitors into buyers, since we benefit when you grow. We’re quite good at it too.


We follow SEO best practices, and take care of optimizing your page titles, permalinks, internal linking, alt tags, headings, sitemaps, and more. It’s the foundation of a proper SEO strategy, and sets you up for great results with an SEO campaign.

Blazing Fast

Speed is a core value for us. We have the experience needed to be relentless in employing optimizations and without bloat, and our lightning quick, custom hosting stack takes care of the rest. This benefits your site’s search engine ranking and your users.

Always in Style

Website design standards change over time. With WaaS your website always looks great on every device. Rather than paying for a design refresh—usually close to the cost of the initial design—we can make updates anytime. It’s all included.

Compare: WaaS vs. Typical Website Spending

Comparing payments over time for the same website

Traditional Website Project Payments


In addition to the initial design/build, expect to pay periodically for a yearly hosting and care plan, plugin licensing, all changes and updates, and for each revision or redesign.

Everything is included for a monthly payment.

Compare Further

How much does a website (really) cost?

The cost for websites ranges wildly, from $1,000 to $10M+. Crazy but true.

Many of the marketing websites you visit everyday cost $100k or more.
The best high-performing, lead generating websites take hundreds of hours to plan, design and build.

Many people asking about the true cost of a website have been surprised in the past by unexpected invoices from other web design firms.

Predictable WaaS monthly payments means no surprises.

And because of our low overhead “un-agency” model, the net value is extremely competitive, providing you large agency results for small freelancer prices.


Above all, we make it easy to get a lead-generating, product-selling website.

Want More Business?

Your approach goes beyond aesthetics; you ensured that the website is not just visually appealing but also organized, concise, and highly functional with lightning-fast speeds. The end result is a website that not only showcases our capabilities but also provides an intuitive and engaging experience for our audience while remaining ‘on-brand.’

From the outset, you demonstrated an unparalleled ability to transform our vision into a digital masterpiece. Your keen eye for design, coupled with a remarkable talent for graphics, allowed you to seamlessly integrate our ideas – even those initially sketched on a simple piece of paper – into a website that not only aligns with our brand but also resonates with our target audience.

Craig Gramlich, CEO

Lonewolf Consulting

A monkey in Canada is sitting in front of a laptop, navigating a website while sipping a cup of coffee, all to enhance their digital marketing skills.

Experts in User Experience Design

Less friction means more customers.

Steve Jobs once famously said that good design is not how it looks—it’s how it works. We live and breathe this mantra, and we design functional, easy-to-navigate websites that just happen to also look great.

To craft the ideal user experience, we use a refined process:

  • analysis of your market position, audience, competitors, and goals
  • audit of your content—what you have, what you need, and what can go
  • creative development of the most effective way to tell your story and convey your offer’s true value in the most efficient way. This may involve illustrations, interactive animations, a clever layout or all three.

Optimized websites mean higher conversions

Less friction makes means more customers.

Friction is the obstacles your customers encounter in trying to reach their goal on your website. It kills leads and minimizes sales. If things are hard to find or your site is hard to navigate, people leave.

We build websites focused on each user’s goals using quantitative data and human psychology. Our conversion-oriented approach includes:

  • Simple and strategic navigation
  • Layouts designed around the content and effective calls-to-action
  • User experience (UX) analysis
  • Conversion-oriented copy

We’re well versed in modern design trends and understand the difference between solutions that work versus the ones that simply look good.

Learn more about conversion optimization
A flowchart of a business process in digital marketing.
Two chimpanzees sitting on a couch, browsing a website on a cell phone for digital marketing tips in Canada.

Powerful Storytelling Compels Action

Your website will be successful because it’s built around CONVERSIONS.

We kick things off with an exploration of your market position, audience, competitors, and goals.

We’ll audit your content to decide what you have, what you need, and what can go. We’ll suggest rewording, illustrations or animation to better convey complex concepts, ensuring your solution to your customer’s problem is clearly communicated.

Your website is an extension of your brand. We’re a branding company at heart, so we’ll craft content and portray it in a way that captures your message, voice and tone.

Your compelling offer will be heard loud and clear so your visitors will become your customers.

Get Found

Almost 90% of people use a search engine to find businesses prior to purchase.

A fast, optimized and easily navigable website is critical, but if your customers can’t find it, your investment won’t pay off.

Organic search engine optimization (SEO) increases the traffic to your website sustainably, through high ranking in search results, without buying keywords or advertisements. We analyze, build a strategy, and then optimize your website. When people search for what you offer, they find you.

Learn more about SEO services
A chimpanzee in an astronaut suit showcasing the wonders of digital marketing on a website in Canada.

Your Website is Not an Island

Your website should be integrated with other systems and should automate tedious business processes. It should save you and your customers time.

For example, form submissions should flow directly into a CRM for marketing automation and email campaigns. New social media posts should be created automatically each time a blog post is added.

Further Research

We're bananas about
lead-generating websites.

Operators are standing by.

Professional, speedy, creative and so easy to work with. Great designs and they continued to offer modifications until we had it just perfect. Thanks a million, would recommend a thousand times.

Dr. Kristine Medyanik, CEO

Shattered Glass Leadership