Our Process

If you’re looking to create a world-class website for your company, then you need a team of experienced web professionals who know what they’re doing.

We’ve been building high-performance websites for years and have continually revised our web design process to ensure we get the best results for our clients.


We start by learning about you, where you’ve been, and where you want to go. Our process starts with us getting to know your business, your brand and most importantly, you. This understanding serves as one of the foundational elements of all strategy and design work to follow. Learning about your unique vision lets us identify marketing goals and cater to your audience.

We’ll ask you to complete our website planner questionnaire, which helps you organize your thinking to it can be best communicated to us. It helps us understand your brand through your own eyes (unless of course we are already intimately familiar because we designed it). This exercise helps us weave your corporate culture and personality into our creative design work to bring your vision to life.


After digesting your questionnaire responses we’ll book an in-depth online discussion with you to dive deeper into your responses. 

Once we fully understand your To plan and build the best possible website for your business, we kick things off with content and SEO audits, plus competitor keyword research. This work guides the content and web design choices we’ll help you make throughout the project.

We start learning about your customers and what makes them tick. We dive deep into who they are so we can create a message that attracts them to your offer.

Creative Design

In this phase we begin to see our design strategy come to life as we create the most important components of your new website—a home page and site navigation.

First, our graphic design team creates a static layout and design, then we take that and develop a high-fidelity, working prototype.

We’ll share this with you for review and feedback.

Build & Test

Once you’re happy with the design will continue with designing the rest of the site based on these approved concepts. During the build, we host the website on our private development environment allowing you time to experience the working site before rolling out to your audience.

We’ll share continuously share new developments and invite feedback. This phase of the process is very iterative, and ensures the design matches your vision.

In addition to being tested by your own team, we’ll perform extensive user testing from our internal and remote team members. We often invite select customers to test and provide feedback as well.


At the very end of the build phase we run through our pre-launch QA checklist to iron out any wrinkles before releasing your new website design to the world. Once we’re ready, it’s launch day!

During launch (we usually try to launch after-hours when impact to users of your current site will be minimal) we switch your domain’s DNS records to route traffic to the new server. We then perform a series of post-launch checklist tasks, including setting uptime monitors and implementing traffic analytics tracking code.

Finally, we’ll share a document explaining how to access your site analytics, how to manage your subscription, and how to request changes anytime.

Manage & Grow

With Website-as-a-Service, step 5 is not the end, because like software  development, gardens or custom motorcycles, a website is never really ever complete. We’re now your go-to “web guy” anytime you need to add new pages, modify the content, or add new functionality to support marketing programs and your growing business. In fact, you can now focus on growing your business and leave us to manage your new web property. We’re available for when you need us and we won’t send an invoice every time we do something!

Although your new site will be built and maintained with best practices so it’s properly indexed by Google, we will recommend an SEO campaign to ensure your site ranks high in search results organically for the long run, without needing to employ costly pay-per-click advertising campaigns.

When it comes to growing your business, we're not monkeying around.

Operators are standing by.

The website you designed is amazing, and coupled with the video it perfectly gets across the value of Forefront’s unique products.

Scott Mosher, Founder and President

Forefront Turf Products