Digital Marketing Consulting

No marketing team? No Problem.

We partner with clients to either supplement their in-house marketing department or serve as their full-service outsourced marketing department.

As your outsourced, on-demand marketing department, we become part of your team and make sure that the right strategies are in place. We ensure that plans align to your business objectives, and analyze data to report and advise on what’s working, and what’s not.

When you hire us, you’re hiring the equivalent of a team of professionals—the experts you need for successful digital marketing strategy execution .

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Rent a High-Powered Marketing Team for Less Than One Full-Time Employee


2 days per month

1 day a week

1 week per month

2 days a week

3 days a week

4 days a week

Full time on an interim basis

With average salaries for seasoned marketing professionals running from $140,000 to $280,000 (plus benefits, office space, equipment, etc.), an outsourced consultant can be a wise alternative.

For less than the cost of a full-time marketing director we provide strategy, design, content development and marketing plan creation and implementation on a retainer basis. This allows companies of all sizes to benefit from C-level marketing expertise. Plus, you get only as much creative output as you need, when you need it.

How much additional marketing team do you need?

Fractional marketing refers to paying for only the amount of marketing you require to match the stage your company is in. This is a great option If you’re not able to afford a full-time marketing position—we can assist you for 2 days a month, 10 hours a week, 20 days a month, etc. We’re a turnkey marketing department that can help you get more leads, capture market share, or create or build your brand.

Rather than add to headcount, we can serve as your outsourced Marketing Director, helping flesh out plans, assign projects, manage budgets and supervise outside vendors.

What can we help you out with?

Lead Generation

Tradeshows – for many companies, exhibiting at tradeshows has a massive pay-off. We’ll create a show experience (booth, materials, takeaway items, pre- and post-show communication) that maximizes the return on this sizeable investment.

Lead magnets – we’ll develop irresistible downloadable content like whitepapers and how-to guides to capture leads and to build your mailing list, which can then be nurtured with an email campaign.

Social media campaigns – successful social campaigns are all about content. Social media content that informs and educates prospects is a huge influencing factor in their purchase decisions.​ With the combination of strategically created content that stands out, posting plan and paid campaigns, we help clients maximize brand reach and recognition on social media. When part of a larger digital marketing campaign, strategic content creation allows for repurposing across multiple channels for efficiency of your budget.

Lead Nurturing

Email automation – nurture leads at their pace through auto-deploying emails, triggered based on action or time, that educate them about your offering and get them ready to buy.

Sales + marketing alignment – improve how you’re nurturing leads, and close more sales with ongoing cross-functional communication and reports.

CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) – if you aren’t tracking leads with CRM software, we can find and implement the best CRM for you. A CRM makes marketing and sales more efficient and effective.

Marketing & sales collateral – do you have collateral for all of the different points in the buyer’s journey, and for all of the people involved in buying decisions? We’ll map out the journey, commonly-asked questions and stakeholders for each stage, then produce collateral that will get people to the sale faster and more successfully. We’ll assist your sales team in closing sales and moving more people from consideration to purchase by developing webinars, brochures, slideshows, whitepapers and other sales tools.

Brand Management

Brand design – We are adept at working with startups who have yet to create a brand and need help with their strategy and full execution of their new branding.

Brand architecture – if you’re introducing new products or sister companies, or if customers are confused about your current identity, we’ll tweak how your brands are presented so that buyers focus on what matters: buying!

Naming – business and product names matter — a lot. The name you choose should be informed by your budget, brand reputation and competition, among other factors. We’ll lead you through a painless process to select a great name, then take care of the legal and registration nitty gritty.

Product launch – from creative and messaging to ads and customer notices, there are many (often moving) parts to launching a product.

Market research – buyer feedback and opinions can save you thousands of dollars and years of wasted effort. Either working solo, or partnering with a research firm, we’ll devise and run the research project, then present the findings to you.

Read more about our branding services.

Digital Marketing

Website design – a well designed, modern web presence helps people find you, learn about what you’re selling, and moves them to speak with sales. We’ll handle everything involved, including messaging, design, construction, deployment for a low monthly cost, allowing you to save your capital for other marketing efforts. Read more about our Website-as-a-Service programme.

SEO campaigns – good SEO requires a complex, multi-faceted approach. We can design a customized plan for your business to get you to the top of search results. Learn more.

Digital and analogue advertising – whether your campaign would benefit from digital billboards, animated HTML5 ads, pay-per-click (PPC) search advertising or magazine ads, we have a lot of experience.

Video – customers love video, particularly during the research phase. From explainers to 5-second video ads used to drive website traffic, we will script, produce, and deploy your new video, not to mention report on their effectiveness. Read more about our experience with video.


Email automation

Email campaign design/management


Print ad creative

Smartphone app design & development

Web app design & development

Pamphlets / brochures / sell sheets / data sheets

Copywriting / editing

And so much more...we've been doing this for over 25 years.

An Infinite Number of Monkeys have been a resource for several years that I have learned to depend on, trust and respect for their professionalism. They developed messaging, devised, managed and executed marketing strategies, and handled all aspects of our marketing efforts, essentially becoming an off-site member of our management team. In the 4 years since we hired them, our revenues have grown consistently year over year, with our latest advances exceeding 40% over the previous year.

Carmen Magro, VP Business Development


Why Outsource Marketing?

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Better Results, Faster

We have the software tools, the templates, and vendor connections required to accomplish the job ready to go.

Scaleable Marketing Resources

The amount of marketing support you require may change from month to month. You might need a new website now, and a major product launch later in the year. Our team can scale up and down as needed so you don’t waste a single penny.

Years of Experience

A full-time hire with limited experience needs a lot of guidance. Even if you can lead the marketing strategy, your time is precious. We’re like a hands-on CMO. Our years of experience and breadth of knowledge equip us to deliver strategy and execution — no hand-holding required.

Greater Accountability

Our success is measured by business generated and deliverables met. Because we are owner-operators on contract to you, we have a lot of stake in doing an exceptional job. To us, success is a long-term relationship with you and your recommendation of us to others.

Costs Less Than an Internal Hire

In addition to salary, a traditional full-time hire involves hidden costs like training, benefits, office space, software licenses, not to mention time to hire, recruit and onboard. We are a less-costly option than hiring a permanent mid- or senior-level marketer, and more effective than a junior hire who’ll work less efficiently, require direction and will likely move on within one or two years.

More Expeditious

The hiring process is time consuming. Paired with the length of time it takes a new employee to get up to speed, a new hire will delay the start of your marketing—and the results—by a couple of months minimum. On the other hand, through the development of your strategy we’ll be well along the learning curve when it’s time to put the marketing plan into action.

Surely you have better things to do than digital marketing.

And no, we won't always call you "Shirley".

Operators are standing by.

The Monkeys team developed cohesive new messaging and refined our existing brand, and the end result is fantastic.

Sheldon Foisy, Director of Sales