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A sketch of a website with good UI design.


UI and UX: What Are They and Why You Should Invest in Good Design

Designing the software UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) for the constraints of using a productivity tool in a keyboard-less, mobile environment required me to learn the fundamentals of human-computer interaction that I still use today. It required a reinvention of the way property loss estimates could be built—visually, with a focus on simplicity and efficiency. I still spend…

An orangutan is using a laptop computer to analyze website conversion rate and make design tweaks.


16 Proven Design Tweaks to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate

What is Conversion Rate Optimization? Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the practice of guiding users who are already on your website towards taking a desired action, such as filling out a contact form, signing up for your newsletter, or completing a purchase (a “conversion”). Many factors impact conversion such as lacklustre calls-to-action, poor site usability, slow page loading speed, and…

A chimpanzee sitting at a table while engaging with a group of people.


How Simple Design Helps Website Conversion

Simplicity beats complexity—that’s the idea behind processing fluency, also called “cognitive fluency” and “cognitive ease”. It refers to a user’s subjective perception of how easy or difficult it is to process and complete a mental task. In short: we prefer things that are easy to read and understand (“fluent information”). Understanding something effortlessly helps us act quickly and confidently.

A gorilla is sitting in a small business warehouse surrounded by boxes, contemplating his marketing spend.

Digital Marketing

How Much Should a Small Business Spend on Marketing?

Determining how much a small business should spend on marketing depends on several factors including the business’s size, revenue, industry, growth stage, and marketing goals. While there’s no “right” answer to this question, there are some general guidelines that can help you in setting your marketing budget.

Two boxers in a modern boxing ring.


Why is WooCommerce the Best E-Commerce Platform for Modern Online Stores? A digital marketing agency’s perspective.

If you’re wanting to start selling your products (or e-learning courses, or other services) online, you need an e-commerce website. In 2024 there are really only two realistic platform options: WooCommerce and Shopify. This article explains why most digital marketing agencies, including ours, recommend WooCommerce for the majority of cases. There is clearly significant interest in this topic of which…

A person showcasing the modern WordPress logo on a wooden table.


Why is WordPress the Best Platform for Modern Websites?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS), which means it’s designed to help organize and display the content on a website. It’s the underlying platform or framework behind the scenes of a website. We use WordPress for all of the websites we build. Of course, there’s a lot more that goes into a creating our websites than just WordPress, such…

An e-commerce website with a shopping cart illuminated by neon lights on a dark background.


All About Your E-Commerce Website

Here’s a detailed explanation of how your online store works, and how orders are processed. If your e-commerce website has been built under our Website-as-a-Service (Waas) plan, then your web store site has been built with Woocommerce, the de facto standard for WordPress e-commerce.

A chimpanzee showcasing a digital marketing strategy on a laptop in an office.

Digital Marketing

What Does a Digital Marketing Strategy Cost?

A question we are often asked is “what does a digital marketing strategy cost?” Just the other day we had a customer who wanted to know what it would cost get enough traffic to have 20 orders per day and to get on the first page of Google results. Short answer: a lot, but totally worth it. The long answer:…

An image of a triangle on a black background, showcasing the Magic Trifecta of marketing tactics.

Digital Marketing

The Marketing Magic Trifecta: Top 3 Marketing Tactics to Spend Your First Marketing Dollars On

We are often approached by Victoria small businesses and startups for help with growing their business. Many have been doing their own guerrilla marketing, some have worked with other companies, most have a limited budget. These companies ask us for advice about how to spend smartly so they are positioned for growth. That is, what should they spend to get…

A hand drawn illustration of a web page, created as part of a website planner.


The Website Planner Questionnaire

This questionnaire serves a few purposes: first it forces you to organize your thinking about your vision for your new website; secondly it provides the information we need to need to get a feel for your vision and explore the right details during our website planning kick-off meeting. You don’t need to answer every question, but the more you can…