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Internet of Things

Launching a young but innovative brand on a path to Western Canada IoT domination.

Citykinect is an IoT system integrator and solutions architect who help businesses deploy smart city and smart building solutions. They have more expertise with IoT sensors, gateways, application servers, networking standards, middleware, and security than anyone else in Western Canada. We developed new messaging to tell their story, and developed an eCommerce website to promote their services and IoT products.

What we did:

As we entered a rapid growth phase of our company, we required our website to be scaled up considerably, both in terms of professional look-and-feel and how it conveyed our unique value proposition. Hanging on to capital was important, and the Infinite Monkeys website-as-a-service offering was incredibly beneficial, as it allowed us to completely redo our website and expand it without a huge upfront cost. The Monkeys team developed cohesive new messaging and refined our existing brand, and the end result is fantastic.

Sheldon Foisy, Director of Sales


Packaging Design

We developed packaging for 7 different consumer-oriented smart home products, and the design for SIM cards for the Citykinect Cellular IoT data service.

Smart home office monitoring solutions in Canada, featuring marketing strategies and a user-friendly website.


We designed and developed all content and images for the large Citykinect website, telling the story of their capabilities and highlighting the benefits to businesses and governmental agencies that need to improve the efficiency of their operations with automation.

A laptop is displayed on a black background for marketing purposes.

Citykinect sells IoT components, systems. and cellular data subscriptions their website. It includes a simple Shopify-style checkout process, integrated online chat, a custom pricing calculator, order and shipment tracking and it syncs all eCommerce data to Quickbooks online. It also works great on smartphones.

A person in BC holding a phone with a product on it.


A black laptop with a white screen.
The homepage of zeroheadsets, optimized for SEO.