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Stevens Water Monitoring Systems

Environmental monitoring / IoT / Hydrology / Soil Science

A fresh rebrand, new messaging, website and marketing for this 100-year-old company to position them for 21st century growth.

Stevens was founded in 1911, and for many decades has been a leader in water monitoring (water quality, floods, groundwater) and more recently, soil monitoring after the acquisition of the IP for a unique patented soil sensor technology (HydraProbe). We were hired in 2015 to do a complete brand overhaul and re-position the company as leading the charge in cloud computing, which was beginning to make inroads into environmental monitoring. We stayed with the company for 5 more years to run all facets of the marketing effort, anchored by a large eCommerce website.

What we did:

Stevens has counted on An Infinite Number of Monkeys to handle all our marketing for the past 5 years. Starting with a complete rebrand of the company, Eric continued to elevate our brand with every campaign, product packaging, tradeshow display, video, whitepaper, datasheet, presentation and website that they developed. We have greatly enjoyed their integrity, creativity and professionalism.

Scott South, President and CEO

Stevens Water Monitoring Systems


After refreshing the entire corporate branding in 2015, we developed names and brands for several Stevens products.

Stevens Water Monitoring Systems Ltd. brand design
As a 104-year old company, the corporate logo had already changed several times, most recently in the early 2000s. We developed the new brand to recognize the company’s focus on the measurement of water and the increased role of cloud computing in environmental monitoring.
Avo brand design by Infinite Monkeys
We created the Avo brand for a new innovation aimed at simplifying the collection of remote data with an all-in-one, “plug-and-play” family of devices. The name was short and catchy and a good candidate for trademarking, and the brand took cues from the Stevens brand.
Hydra Probe branding design by Infinite Monkeys
HydraProbe (which we changed from the original use of “Hydra Probe”) was Stevens’ most important (and most profitable) product. Being unique from all other soil sensors (and patented), we created this brand for the product.
HydraGo brand design by Infinite Monkeys
We created the HydraGO brand for an expansion of the company’s HydraProbe products providing portable, all-in-one soil measurement.
SOLO solar remote controller brand design by Infinite Monkeys
SOLO was another unique product innovation, a a first-of-its-kind power sensor, conditioner and remote power controller. We again took cues from the Stevens brand.
POGO brand design by Infinite Monkeys
POGO was a separate division of Stevens targeting the golf course market with new products based on the HydraProbe.
An engaging website featuring brochures showcasing various types of devices for marketing purposes.

Collateral (Company Profile)

With such a rich history after 104 years, we developed a corporate profile to help introduce new customers to the company and reinforce Stevens’ leadership in water monitoring.

A brochure for twins is shown on a white background in Canada.

Collateral (Product Catalog)

With over 150 products (both 3rd-party and manufactured by Stevens) we created a product catalog of all offerings, which also reinforced why each was best-in-class and reminded customers of why Stevens was the right company to work with. We produced in print form and used a digital (PDF) version as a lead magnet on the website.

The brochure for Stevens Canada is open on a white background.


This infographic was presented on three 8-foot tall panels as part of a Smart City exhibit in India. It showed our audience how Stevens products fit into a Smart City IoT ecosystem and helped solve various challenges faced by cities worldwide.

Smart city data website in Colombia, featuring marketing strategies and business intelligence.


Tradeshows were a key marketing strategy we employed, and we exhibited at 10-12 per year, both in the US and international locations.

A marketing pop up display featuring pictures and a table, located in BC, Canada.

Two roll up banners promoting Canada on a white background.

The Stevens pop up display is shown on a white background on a website in Canada.


With over 150 products, a system configurator, full eCommerce, distributor locator, conference/tradeshow event calendar, video library, customer case studies, and a blog, the Stevens website is the largest website project we had developed at the time.

The stvns website is displayed on a laptop computer in BC, Canada.

Packaging Design

A variety of electronic devices, including a meter and a remote control, available for purchase on our website.


We researched and wrote this 52-page Soil Resource Guide as a valuable compendium that reinforced Stevens’ leadership in soil monitoring, and provided it as a free download (in exchange for an email address) on the website. In printed form, it was an impressive book which prospects were happy to receive (rather than typical swag) at tradeshows.

Stvns soil fertility website guide.

Product Collateral

A marketing brochure showcasing the beautiful fields of Canada.


A black laptop with a white screen.
The marketing website for Stevens Measurements in Canada.

What really impressed me most is their ability to turn a multitude of different stakeholder requests into a single unified message. No matter how difficult the subject—any technical and scientific concepts—they knew how to get it done.

Rob Zeijlemaker, Director of Business Development

Stevens Water Monitoring Systems

Video Work

Introduction to Avo - 2018

SOLO product explainer - 2016

Self-running slideshow for use as part of a trafeshow enhibit - 2016