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Vig Scooters

Micromobility / Electric vehicles

Helping people go green and save money with premium personal electric vehicles.

Premium electric scooters designed for a superior riding experience, with equal parts form and function. Sold, serviced and supported by micromobility enthusiasts who value leading-edge performance as much as old-fashioned customer service.

Successful exit strategy! Vig Scooters was acquired.

What we did:

The Monkeys have incredible and unending talent. They get the job done and exceed every expectation, every time. We are absolutely thrilled with the results after working with the team for the last year, and at this point we trust them with anything. The branding work was honestly second-to-none and from my experience at larger companies, it’s worth thousands more than what they charged us.

Glenn Dalbert, Managing Director

Vig Scooters

B2C E-Commerce

As the sole sales channel, the Vig website needed to clearly communicate features and benefits as well as complex technical information simply, to a wide (North American) audience. It also needed to permit users to configure their electric scooters and provide multiple upsell opportunities. Many landing pages were created for use with YouTube, Facebook and Instagram campaigns.

A screen shot of a marketing website showcasing an electric scooter in Canada.

Brand Design

We were contracted for marketing soon after company inception, and actually developed the entire brand including the name “Vig” (Swedish for “agile”).

A business card with a white background and yellow lettering for Canada marketing purposes.

A marketing professional in BC, Canada wearing a black t-shirt with the word UG Shooters on it.


A black laptop with a white screen.
An electric scooter store website designed for customers in Canada, specifically in British Columbia (BC), with a focus on effective marketing strategies.

With multiple electric scooter models, parts and accessories, partner locator, customer service portal, etc. we have a fairly complex e-commerce store. We were also looking for a somewhat upscale aesthetic and simplified navigation for a top-notch user experience. Basically we told the Infinite Monkeys team we would only settle for the “best damn e-commerce experience one could get” and told them they should not take the project unless they could deliver that, and we meant it. The site they built and maintain is absolutely that, we love it and so do our customers. The fact that we pay monthly rather than a huge capital outlay is incredibly beneficial to us as a startup.

Chris Headrick, Director of Operations

Vig Scooters

Video Work

How to Know if a VIG is Right for You. - Brand Promo

Instagram Brand Promo - Excitement and Fun

Instagram Brand Promo - Form and Function

Instagram Brand Promo - Practical

Instagram Brand Promo - Comfort & Ergonomics

Instagram Brand Promo - Power

Instagram promo - Cool dreams

Instagram promo - Blade Pro

Instagram Promo - Logo reveal

Instagram promo - Yrsa

Instagram promo - Aesir

Instagram promo - Riding Aesir

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