Client Profile

The Longevity Path

Health and Wellness

A first website for an exciting app-focused startup.

Longevity Path founder PK Mills asked us to design a fast, modern website that showcased his new app which helps Canadians take charge of their health and wellbeing with an app-based, holistic heath, fitness and and wellness service.

What we did:

We’ve been privileged to partner with An Infinite Number of Monkeys for our marketing and website creation and management needs, and the experience has been nothing short of exceptional. The team has consistently demonstrated unparalleled creativity, technical expertise, and a commitment to excellence.

The Monkeys have seamlessly translated our vision into a visually stunning and highly functional website, surpassing our expectations. Eric’s leadership is marked by a rare combination of strategic insight and hands-on involvement, ensuring that every aspect of our project reflects authenticity and innovation.

The personalized attention, responsiveness, and dedication exhibited by Eric and his team have been instrumental in enhancing our online presence and overall brand identity as we prepare to launch our flagship product, The Longevity App, to the world. We wholeheartedly endorse An Infinite Number of Monkeys for their professionalism, proficiency, and a genuine passion for delivering outstanding results.

PK Mills, Founder & President

The Longevity Path


A BC website showcasing effective marketing strategies to take charge of your health and wellness.


A black laptop with a white screen.
A person holding up a phone encouraging you to take charge of your wellness for long-term path to longevity.