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Client Profile

Van Isle Notary

Legal services

The letter n on a blue and yellow square in BC, Canada.

A first website for a new local, service-oriented small business.

Van Isle Notary approached us after asking another client “who did your website?”. They liked the unique design we did and how it stood out from others in the same space. We were asked to create a design that was friendly and approachable (just like their company), highlighted the local Sooke region, and had a unique design that wouldn’t look anything like the cookie-cutter, template-based designs that most notary websites have.

Successful exit strategy! Van Isle Notary was acquired.

What we did:

I’m very happy with the end result we’ve created. Feedback from family, friends, and colleagues has been overwhelmingly positive!

The letter n on a blue and yellow square in BC, Canada.

Jeremy Andersen, Owner

Van Isle Notary

A laptop with a man's face on it sitting on a desk in Canada.


A black laptop with a white screen.
Canada website design for Van Isle Notary in BC.