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Business networking / Entrepreneur community

Providing valuable networking and mentorship opportunities to early-stage entrepreneurs.

City MOGULS is a Toronto-based company whose mission is to grow the next generation of breakout entrepreneur success stories. They provide a helpful community for early-stage solopreneurs to get support, advice and other valuable resources.

What we did:

Their quality of work is second to none, and I’m so impressed with how quickly and efficiently they get things done. I simply love not having to worry about ANYTHING anymore and being able to hang on to capital is a huge win in terms of cashflow.

Victoria Marshman, Co-founder


Website Design and Development

The City Moguls website has both a significant sales funnel capturing leads and converting visitors to paid members on the front end, but also a suite of tools and content for paid members.

A marketing professional in Canada sitting at a desk with a laptop displaying a website.

Dynamic Membership Website

The website handles everything from signups, logging in, password resets to access control for multiple membership levels, membership subscription management, and a membership directory.

A laptop displaying a woman's marketing website, placed on a wooden table.

A person holding up a phone in a room full of people emphasizing marketing strategies for a brand's website.

A person holding an iPad displaying a person's name, combined with effective marketing, contributes to the success of a website or business.


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A website design showcasing two women standing next to each other as part of a marketing campaign in BC, Canada.

Words can’t describe our sincere gratitude for all you’ve done to get our website to a place that truly represents the brand. We are looking forward to continuing to partner with you and send you more business in the future!

Samantha Schleese, Operations & Administration