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Tech Savvy CFO

Finance and accounting / Consulting

Fresh rebranding and a professional website to support this innovative approach to finance and accounting for small businesses.

TechSavvy CFO asked us to develop a new brand for their outsourced accounting company. Our focus on providing C-level expertise to small businesses who otherwise could not afford to hire full-time C-level talent is partly what attracted them to us, as they do the same thing for financial consulting (CFO).

Successful exit strategy! Tech Savvy CFO was acquired.

What we did:

I approached An Infinite Number of Monkeys after they were recommended to me for a company rebranding I needed. I am delighted with the brand they developed, which I feel communicates professionalism, approachability and innovation. Given this successful project I asked them to redesign our website. Eric and his team really immersed themselves in our business and got to know our story. The resulting website perfectly captures and communicates our value, and does so in a way that impresses clients.

Adam Gilpatrick, President

Tech Savvy CFO


A business card with a cup of coffee next to a keyboard, representing marketing in BC, Canada.

Tech savvy marketing presentation template.


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Techniq is a leading company offering CFO and finance hiring services in Canada. With a strong presence in British Columbia (BC), we provide specialized expertise to help organizations find the right financial professionals for their needs