How is conversion rate optimization done?

There are many conversion rate optimization strategies that can decrease bounce rates and increase conversion rates across your site. What CRO techniques will work best will depend on your sales funnel, the products or services your brand offers, and the unique needs and preferences of your target audience.

Minimizing distractions, unnecessary form fields, and simplifying the checkout process can all lead to higher conversion rates. To identify what design elements need attention on your website, we use behaviour tracking tools like Hotjar and Google Analytics to study user behaviour and identify pain points.

The approach likely to achieve the best results in the long-term involves running A/B tests to see how different changes impact the conversion rate. To simplify things somewhat: after testing a potential change on a subset of traffic, when the change has a positive impact on the conversion rate, we’ll roll it out to 100% of the traffic; when it has a negative impact, we revert back to the original. In this way, we’re able to progressively optimize your website to ensure that your conversion rates is always improving.

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