How often should my website be redesigned? How long will a website last?

Some businesses are slow to act and it shows. The average lifespan of a website is 2 years and 7 months, and while It’s possible a website will still accomplish your goals for 4 or more years, you don’t want to be the last in your industry to redesign your site.

Design has a dramatic impact on your visitors’ impression of your business. It drives their perception of the value (and price) of your services. Look at your competitors’ websites. Now, look at your site.

Keep you website fresh and competitive. A redesign positions your brand for the future. A website is not a static entity—it should continually evolve as your company grows, and there should be no barriers to this.

With our Website-as-a-Service plan, your website is always current, without the expensive redesign cost. We include all changes, from minor content and layout changes to full redesigns in the plan.

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