Is there an advantage of having a brand-focused agency build my website?

Absolutely! The core of web design is brand messaging (communicating your brand’s values) paired with user experience needs (what your customer expects from your website). An agency skilled in developing brands has the closest connection to your values and understands what your customers need to be satisfied.

If the agency designed your brand, they’ve done the work to help you discover your brand’s essence and who it best serves. Because of this deep understanding, a brand agency will be able to make strategic decisions about how to best bring your business to life in your website in a way that properly represents you and supports your customer’s needs.

Sometimes businesses choose to hire one firm to design their brand, another to manage their advertising, and yet another to design their website. The problem with this approach is that everyone will focus only on their individual project with no one looking out for your overall brand consistency. The more firms you work with, the more fragmented your brand will become. This results in confusing your customer base and potentially decreasing sales. Customers are drawn to clarity and not confusion.

We are brand specialists and your website design is a huge part of your brand’s identity. It is also likely to be the first introduction a potential customer has with your services or products. If you already have a brand, are refining one, or are starting new, your web design is where you can convey that brand. It’s an opportunity to show your customers how you do business, what makes you different, and, above all, a place for your customers to be delighted with their initial experience with you.

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