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The Website-as-a-Service plan is priced based on the number of pages in a website. What is considered a “page”?

For the purposes of counting the pages which contribute to the monthly price, a “page” is any unique layout that a website visitor could see. Often many pages share the same layout, with different content dynamically swapped in (good examples are blog article pages or e-commerce product pages).

All pages sharing the same layout contribute only one page to the count. For example, ALL blog pages on the same site together contribute only one page to the total count. So as to encourage having a blog (to obtain great SEO benefits) we don’t count the main blog archive page.

For example, a website with a Home page, About Us page, Services page, Contact Us page, and a blog with 28 articles would count as a 5-page site: Home (1) + About Us (1) + Services (1) + Contact Us (1) + Blog Archive (0) + 28 blog articles (1) = 5.

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