We design and develop industry-leading websites that define categories and position our clients to succeed in an interconnected world.

We have a lot of experience here, which means we build sites right. Our clients’ sites are scalable, fast, and designed with user needs and expectations top of mind.

Why Us?

The big difference between An Infinite Number of Monkeys and other website designers? Over 25 years of branding experience goes into every word, every pixel, every user interaction and design choice we make. We're not just web designers (there are millions of those). Instead, we’re multidisciplinary digital marketing consultants.

Before we get started on your website we establish the objective of the site and plan and refine the messaging we’ll use to tell your story. We go deep and get to really know you and your competitors, and why you’re unique. We distill the essence of your value proposition and get to what’s really important to say (and what's not and should be left for your sales team).

We’ll then devise the most impactful way of communicating the message to accomplish your objective (which is usually to generate leads). This can be anything from a custom infographic, an interactive ROI calculator, an explainer video or a simple or complex animation.

In a world of templated themes, stock photography and boiler-plate content, a website that separates you from the herd requires something more.

Ambition. Innovation. Heart. Curiosity. Finesse. Courage.

Low overhead: better value than typical agencies
Outstanding personal service
Small-business friendly, capital-efficient "Website-as-a-Service" plan

What we won't do:

We will not create a generic-looking site based on a pre-made theme.
Even if we use stock images, we take the time to find unique and uncommon images that fit your brand.
All our websites are hand-crafted and designed specifically to complement and reinforce your brand.


"Website-as-a-service” (WaaS) is our all-inclusive plan that is particularly beneficial to small- to medium-sized businesses that want a solid foundation for their marketing efforts that is always current, secure, optimized for SEO and 100% taken care of for a small monthly fee. A website built “as a service” is the same as one built the “traditional way”. The difference is in how payments are handled and who pays to manage, maintain and update the website moving forward.

We hate nickel-and-diming.

A website is not a static entity—it continually evolves as your company grows, and there should be no barriers to this. Redesigning the layout of a page, adjusting how a form works, adding a new page, improving the usability of navigation…these are things that should be done if and when it makes sense, not skipped because it will mean yet another invoice.

Website costs are never really “one-time”. There are always recurring costs, regardless of the size or type of website. Here are some common recurring costs and add-ons:

  • Hosting
  • Backups
  • Maintenance (security updates, troubleshooting & repair, patches, bug fixes)
  • Domain name registration & renewal
  • Content and design changes or updates
  • SSL installation and renewal
  • Website feature plugins
  • Technical support

WaaS builds in the cost of all of this and much more. It's all-inclusive, so there's no nickel-and-diming.

If cashflow and predictability of costs is important to you, we invite you to learn more.

SEO: Get found

There's no point having a website if your clients can’t find it.

Did you know that almost 90% of people use a search engine to find businesses prior to purchase?

A fast, optimized and easily navigable website is critical for any B2B company, but if your customers can't find it, your investment won't pay off.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most time-consuming, creative and costly part of any marketing campaign, but it beats any other channel in driving leads, sales and positive ROI

We have extensive experience getting websites to rank high in search engines like Google. One example is customer fishlodges.com, which commands a #1 or #2 position ranking for 21 critical keywords, and appears on the first page (top ten ranking) for 95 different keywords. After the investment is SEO, they no longer do any PPC (pay-per-click, i.e. Google AdWords) advertising.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consists of optimizing your website based on referencing criteria established by search engines. The goal is to improve the way in which search engines understand and value your online content. If your site is optimized for SEO, Google will serve it to more users. The higher you rank on search results pages, the more traffic and potential clients will visit your website.

How do we do it?

After initial research and analysis on your business, industry and competitors to identify keywords and develop a plan, we employ three SEO optimization strategies:

  1. Technical website optimization (speed, user experience)
  2. Visual and textual content optimization (on-site SEO)
  3. Online reputation optimization, AKA domain authority (off-site SEO)

The first two are covered in the monthly price of our Website-as-a-Service programme.

The third involves a multi-month SEO campaign, and starts at US$500 per month. During this campaign we will build your site's authority in Google's eyes by creating quality backlinks from other sites and employ a content marketing strategy which involves creating and distributing content across multiple channels including social media and your blog.

Want to talk more about how we can get your website on the first page of your customers' search results?