Forest Technology Systems began in 1980 with a focus on the fire weather meteorological niche. Their customers included 100% of the top 50 forest management agencies in the world. Later they entered the Hydrological monitoring market, with the same focus on reliability, product durability and operational simplicity as the fire weather market demands. We did a complete re-brand of the the company and then functioned as the marketing department from 2009 to 2015, during which time their revenues doubled from about $5.5 million to over $11 million.

I would absolutely 100% recommend Infinite Monkeys...their ability to translate complex concepts and clearly illustrate the value proposition had a profound impact on the sales team's ability to close deals.
Tyler Smith
Director of Technical Sales

With a significant stable of both 3rd-party products and those that were designed and manufactured in-house, a product catalog in printed form and electronic (PDF) was a must.

We created several brand names for FTS products, including:

  • Axiom (datalogger/DCP)
  • AirTalk (remote audio notification system)
  • SedEvent (sediment monitoring system)
  • DigiTemp (digital temperature sensor)
  • Eon (ultra-durable GOES antenna)

All products are still successful today. 

FTS had been the worldwide leader in fire danger monitoring equipment for many years, but markets outside of North America did not recognize this. We developed several campaigns to position the company this way, ultimately earning significant business in Australia, China and South America.

With mostly physical products sharing a key characteristic of ruggedness, tradeshows and conferences were an important aspect of our marketing strategy. We handled all aspects of every event (and attended most).

We distributed almost 600 of these invitations at a tradeshow to promote a private party where we would unveil a new hydrological product before entertaining the crowd with a professional magician. The event was packed to capacity for the duration, enough product was sold at the show to pay for the event twice and FTS became known for fantastic parties.

The level of professionalism Eric brings to his work is incredible, and it absolutely has an impact on our revenue growth. Customer engagement increased substantially through Eric's efforts, and particularly brand recognition.
Tyler Smith
Director of Technical Sales

Whitepaper created as part of our effort to establish FTS as the worldwide leader in fire weather.

In addition to external marketing, we would regularly compile reports of quarterly marketing performance along with an updated plan for the next quarter and next 12 months.


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