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Readiness developed the world's first cloud-based application compatibility, assessment and conversion software. It allows enterprises to ensure their applications will always function as expected while keeping the Windows OS updated, which is necessary for security. Although we didn't create their brand, we were hired to develop the brand, create all key messaging, build their website and oversee all marketing for the next 3 years.

  • Brand management
  • Web
  • Video
  • Fractional marketing management
An Infinite Number of Monkeys have consistently delivered outstanding results, great ideas and successful strategic campaigns that have been key to our company’s success.
Greg Lambert


When clients engage us for general marketing for a portion of each week, we refer to this as "virtual CMO" or "fractional marketing".

Typically the first project we complete is what we call the "messaging box". This is a highly valuable document that lays out the entire story upon which we'll focus a multi-year marketing campaign.

We'll revisit and adjust it periodically, but everything we communicate will be drawn from what's in here.

UI/UX Design

We created several UI designs for the flagship "Readiness" web-based software.


Various pieces of collateral assisted with the long sales process.


We used a lot of car imagery in our branding. The central theme of what Readiness could do for their customers is allow them to travel faster with fewer nasty surprises (less risk). "Faster" in this case meant keeping up with Windows updates, that are traditionally very slow and costly to do right.

We used the metaphor of bright headlights on a car to symbolize being able to drive faster because of increased visibility of the road ahead. This metaphor perfectly symbolizes what Readiness can do for their customers.

For this custom image, we are illustrating the end goal of our customer—achieving a zen-like enlightenment, a state of "Application Readiness".

I've worked with many marketing professionals over the years, and Eric is at the top of the list. He listens. And he get things done.
Greg Lambert


We created several slide decks for sales presentations, like this one for the Readiness Assurance product.

Dashboard UI Design

We created this custom web-based dashboard to report the risks associated with each monthly Patch Tuesday update from Microsoft. The chart shows the breakdown of severity of each vulnerability, the total number of vulnerabilities and the relative risk to a customer's application portfolio.


Readiness Explainer - 2018
Virtual Summit (Webinar) - 2019