Client Profile


IoT / Environmental monitoring

Extending the power of the Internet of Things outside the home and cities to far-flung locations.

RIoT (The Remote Internet of Things), a technology startup, hired us to develop their brand and jumpstart marketing for their innovative remote networking products which allow bidirectional access to remote environmental sensors at a dramatically lower cost than previously possible. RIoT had just acquired the assets of GroPoint (which we also worked on). We operated as the in-house marketing department from 2017 to 2018.

What we did:

Brand Strategy

In addition to the main RIoT brand (and GroPoint brand for the soil monitoring division that they acquired), we also developed two sub-brands to promote RIot products to different market segments: Titan and Orbit. We also created the product family names “Radius” and “Xo”.

A brochure advertising a website promoting tourism in British Columbia, Canada with the word taf on it.


Two business cards with the logo of koot on them, representing a marketing company in Canada.

Product Package Design

We designed the product labels for all Radius, Xo and Orbit remote networking products.

A variety of wireless devices are shown on a gray background in British Columbia, Canada.


A marketing brochure featuring an image of a computer and a laptop, ideal for promoting websites in Canada.

A brochure with a picture of a machine for website marketing.


A black laptop with a white screen.
A marketing website design for Riot featuring blockchain technology.